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Personal accounting & taxation

It isn't just businesses that need accountants. Every now and again things happen to us all that require a little specialist attention.


Perhaps you are selling a house and not sure about the tax implications, or perhaps you are planning your retirement and want to start thinking about inheritance tax. If so, call us for a free initial consultation.

It's nice to know that, whatever financial or tax matter may be troubling you, there is local help at hand from your personal accountants in Lydney.


We cover the surrounding area and can advise you on many things that might crop up from time to time such as pensions, investments, income tax, capital gains tax - call us, we'll be able to help.

Local personal accountants in Lydney

Now there's even more pressure to get your self-assessment tax return done on time.

It isn't enough just to submit it on time though - it has to be right.


Don't risk ending up on the wrong side of the tax authorities, let Makinson & Co sort out your tax affairs, accurately and on time.

Self-assessment worries? - contact us today


Help is at hand

with your personal tax and

accounting affairs:

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