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Planning to sell an asset? Call for advice today

If you are selling something for profit then there is a chance that the profits from the sale may be subject to Capital Gains Tax. It's a complex area of taxation law and it's easy to get it wrong.

Before you take another step towards selling just run it past our Capital Gains Tax experts. They'll be pleased to advise you and prepare the necessary calculations and paperwork if required.

Sales of major assets should always be carefully planned. The law changes frequently as do thresholds for taxation and levels of tax allowances.


Makinson & Co are the local Capital Gains Tax experts in Lydney. Call us soon and discuss your plans with them - they'll be glad

to help.

Don't risk penalties - leave it to the experts

Whether you are an employer or an employee, actively working or perhaps retired, Makinson & Co are always ready to help with taxation and other financial matters.


Whatever your circumstances it's well worth giving us a call - your initial consultation will be free.

For all of your business and personal tax matters


If you need guidance with Capital Gains tax, call the experts in Lydney:

01594 842 188

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